So I am sure you are all wondering the same big question. What is this SECRET to life? Well, after eight years in academia learning in detail the body and mind and spending the last seven years recreating my life I truly believe I have found the ultimate secret to life. It is definitely not new concept but its application can be life changing. It does not matter your current or past circumstances, everything comes down to this secret.

The secret to life is……CHOICE!

I know, I know, it’s not a big secret, everyone knows all about choice. It seems so simple, we choose what we wore this morning, or what we may have for dinner but as we explore the ‘truth’ in choice it will be clear that it involves every aspect in our life.

In fact, your entire life so far is the result of every choice you have made along the way. You are fully accountable for your life, regardless of the part that others may have played in it. And remember, not choosing, is still choosing!

My intention for this website and blogs is explore and assist you at recreating your own life. To begin, make every choice from this day forward based on your true intention and be free of the mindless chatter box that lies in between our ears.

Be mindful that choice is not just a means to act. More importantly, we have choice in how we THINK, and how we may choose to BE. These are the areas I challenge you to look at and explore as you play the ‘game of life’.

Stay tuned and visit often for future blogs, seminars and workshops as we continue to deep further into the game.

I (Kris Belfry) choose to BE: inspiring, empowering, full self-expression, miracles and abundant.